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Download DNPTrapper

Download the latest release of DNPTrapper here.

Anonymous CVS access via the SourceForge homepage.

News 2007-10-29: DNPTrapper 1.0 released. Changes from version 0.9 include:

* A better ReAligner implementation (thanks to Staffan Alveteg). ReAligner is now ten times faster on large contigs.

* Visualization of general tag data (like annotation) is now supported.

* Visualization of time course data is supported.

* Macsim file format is supported.

* Additional zoom levels are provided.

* Various selection convenience functions have been added, accessible through the context menu.

* File export is now performed on a per contig basis, instead of the whole project. Makes more sense.

* Selecting info entries in context (right click) menu copies them to clipboard.

* Various small bug fixes.