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ReadData::StorageData Struct Reference

to keep the order of the data members when serializing/unserializing More...

#include <readdata.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

TR_DNA row
TR_DNA startPos
TR_DNA endPos

Detailed Description

to keep the order of the data members when serializing/unserializing

This might make the serializing/unserializing slightly faster ( probably not significant at all, not tested ). And specially the order is kept right between serializing and unserializing. But a problem with this approach might be that the endian awareness of QDataStream might be lost, when we don't serialize the types one by one. It might be a problem when moving berkeley dbs around archictures. But berkeley db probably doesn't allow this anyway?

Definition at line 93 of file readdata.h.

Member Data Documentation

TR_DNA ReadData::StorageData::endPos

Definition at line 97 of file readdata.h.

Referenced by ReadData::bt_compare_end(), ReadData::bt_compare_rowPos(), ReadData::endPos(), ReadData::readAttributes(), ReadData::ReadData(), ReadData::readDom(), ReadData::setEndPos(), and ReadData::writeDom().

TR_DNA ReadData::StorageData::row

Definition at line 95 of file readdata.h.

Referenced by ReadData::bt_compare_rowPos(), ReadData::readAttributes(), ReadData::ReadData(), ReadData::readDom(), ReadData::row(), ReadData::setRow(), and ReadData::writeDom().

TR_DNA ReadData::StorageData::startPos

Definition at line 96 of file readdata.h.

Referenced by ReadData::readAttributes(), ReadData::ReadData(), ReadData::readDom(), ReadData::setStartPos(), ReadData::startPos(), and ReadData::writeDom().

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