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trappertypes.h File Reference

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#define TR_DNA   int32_t
#define TR_PIX   int

Define Documentation

#define TR_DNA   int32_t

Definition at line 20 of file trappertypes.h.

Referenced by TrapperView::contentsDropEvent(), TrapperView::contentsMousePressEvent(), TrapperView::contentsMouseReleaseEvent(), TrapperView::drawContents_helper(), TrapperView::getInfo(), TrapperView::moveData(), FeatureGui::paint(), TrapperView::readSelected(), and TrapperView::selectBetween().

#define TR_PIX   int

Definition at line 28 of file trappertypes.h.

Referenced by TrapperView::contentsMouseReleaseEvent(), TrapperView::drawContents_helper(), TrapperView::findRead(), Layer::heightInPix(), TrapperView::paintFeatures(), and TrapperView::slotScrollToPos().

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