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MAlWrapper< alphabet > Member List

This is the complete list of members for MAlWrapper< alphabet >, including all inherited members.

adjust_last_pos(size_t r, int steps, int)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
adjust_pos_right_of_band_border(int d, int band_border_right)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
begin(size_t r)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
begin_global(size_t r)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
decrement_first_pos(size_t r)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
decrement_last_pos(size_t r)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
empty(int row)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
end(size_t r)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
end_global(size_t r)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
erase(size_t r, iterator pos)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
first_pos(size_t r)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
first_pos_global(size_t r)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
getMaxStopCol()MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
getMaxStopCol(int realRow)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
getMinStartCol()MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
getMinStartCol(int realRow)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
insert(size_t r, iterator pos, const value_type &v)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
iterator typedefMAlWrapper< alphabet >
last_pos(size_t r)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
last_pos_global(size_t r)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
left_fixed(size_t r)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
mal_MAlWrapper< alphabet > [private]
MAlWrapper(MAl *mal)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
move_read_left(size_t r, int steps)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
move_read_right(size_t r, int steps)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
nrows()MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
nrows_global()MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
operator()(size_t r, size_t pos_in_read)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
others_left_fixed(size_t r)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
others_right_fixed(size_t r)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
print_info(size_t r)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
realign_in_band()MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
realign_in_band_MAlWrapper< alphabet > [private]
reference typedefMAlWrapper< alphabet >
right_fixed(size_t r)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
set_realign_in_band(bool b)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
swap(size_t r, int first_pos, int last_pos, const std::string &new_read)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
swap_prefix(size_t r, int first_pos, int last_pos, std::string &other_read)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
swap_substr(size_t r, std::string &other_read)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
swap_suffix(size_t r, int first_pos, int last_pos, std::string &other_read)MAlWrapper< alphabet > [inline]
value_type typedefMAlWrapper< alphabet >

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