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GeneralData Member List

This is the complete list of members for GeneralData, including all inherited members.

copy(GeneralData *other)GeneralData
getIndexMap()=0GeneralData [pure virtual]
m_recnoGeneralData [protected]
print_debug_info()GeneralData [inline, virtual]
readAttributes(const QXmlAttributes &attr)=0GeneralData [pure virtual]
readDom(QDomElement &elem)GeneralData [virtual]
readStream(QDataStream &stream)=0GeneralData [pure virtual]
setRecno(db_recno_t recno)GeneralData [inline]
uniqueName()=0GeneralData [pure virtual]
writeDom(QDomElement &elem)GeneralData [virtual]
writeStream(QDataStream &stream)=0GeneralData [pure virtual]
writeXml(std::ostream &stream)=0GeneralData [pure virtual]
~GeneralData()GeneralData [inline, virtual]

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