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DNPclass Member List

This is the complete list of members for DNPclass, including all inherited members.

base_transDNPclass [private]
cand_basesDNPclass [private]
cand_vecDNPclass [private]
column_is_candidate(int col)DNPclass [private]
confirmed_DNP_posDNPclass [private]
cons_basesDNPclass [private]
DminDNPclass [private]
DNPclass(MAl_addon *mal, int minqual, int d_min=3, double p_max=0.001)DNPclass
evaluate_DNP_candidate_positions()DNPclass [private]
find_DNP_base_candidates(int &a, int &t, int &c, int &g, int &gap, char seqbase, int &tot_seqbase, int &tot_others)DNPclass [private]
find_DNP_candidate_positions()DNPclass [private]
look_for_corr(vector< char > &first_col, vector< char > &second_col, vector< int > &first_qual_col, vector< int > &second_qual_col, char cand_base_1, char cand_base_2, int &num_err_first, int &num_err_second, double &exp_err_first, double &exp_err_second, int &num_corr, double &expectation_val)DNPclass [private]
mDNPclass [private]
num_candidatesDNPclass [private]
num_foundDNPclass [private]
num_posDNPclass [private]
p_tot_maxDNPclass [private]
pick_base_row_and_qual_columns(int firstDNPindex, int secondDNPindex, vector< char > &firstDNPvec, vector< char > &secondDNPvec, vector< int > &first_qual_vec, vector< int > &second_qual_vec, vector< int > &rownum_vec)DNPclass [private]
poisson_probability(double lambda, int obs)DNPclass [private]
quality2errorDNPclass [private]
qualminDNPclass [private]
set_DNPs(int col1, int col2, char DNPbase1, char DNPbase2, vector< int > &rownum_vec, int ID1, int ID2, char cons1, char cons2)DNPclass [private]

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