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AceWriter Member List

This is the complete list of members for AceWriter, including all inherited members.

AceWriter(TrapperDoc *pDoc_, std::set< db_recno_t > &recnoList, AlgoParam *param)AceWriter [inline]
Algo(TrapperDoc *pDoc_, std::set< db_recno_t > &recnoList, AlgoParam *param=0, QObject *parent=0, const char *name=0)Algo
get_consensus(std::vector< char > &cons, std::vector< int > &rowVec, int &num)AceWriter [private]
get_realignment_row(const int row, std::vector< char > &aligned_read, int &row_start)AceWriter [private]
getMAl()RAlgo [inline]
my_paramAlgo [protected]
pDocAlgo [protected]
RAlgo(TrapperDoc *pDoc_, std::set< db_recno_t > &recnoList, AlgoParam *param)RAlgo
select(db_recno_t recno, bool status)Algo
selectedReadsAlgo [protected]
start()AceWriter [virtual]
write_ace_file()AceWriter [private]
~Algo()Algo [virtual]
~RAlgo()RAlgo [inline]

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